Notes For 19th Oct

  • It’s alternatively hot & rainy for the last few days in the city. Large clouds form all over town but we get very little rain; mostly just short showers. Except for this evening – it rained a bit but no breeze.
  • I conducted some interviews on Saturday evening, along with an AM from operations, for a temporary posting in our office in Calcutta. We have shorted listed 3 candidates. Final rounds are tomorrow
  • I left the office at around 7:40 pm and went to Oberoi’s for a couple of beers. I was there for an hour.
  • I wanted to spend Sunday doing nothing except watching some shows and listen to music all day for rest and relaxation.

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2 thoughts on “Notes For 19th Oct”

  1. I am spending my Sunday doing little to nothing.

    I am in my cozy bed, in my cozy pajamas, with my mac on my lap, catching up on everyone’s blogs and watching movies.

    *the perfect day*

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