Notes For 1st October, 2009

  • Things are looking up for us @ work and I’m glad because I do not like the stress & pressure that I was under the past couple of weeks.
  • I have dark circles under my eyes the size of a football stadium; one reason is that I’ve been getting very little sleep the past few nights. I plan to sleep lots tomorrow and on Sunday.
  • Bunch of stuff happening at work; it’s gonna be busy as can be, so I might as well get lots of rest in between.
  • I had an early dinner, so once I was home, I then chilled at the pc with a cold can of Sprite.
  • I haven’t been out on the town in like a month, so that needs to get rectified this Sunday. Wanna get some coffee, some drinks and catch a good movie is there is one playing in a theater near me.
  • It’s been raining heavily today from morning and it’s been a very cool day weather-wise. Sometime back it started raining again with a heavy wind thrusting against the windows.

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