Notes For 21st Jan, 09

  • I dunno if it’s a result of having been born (and raised for 11 years) in an Arab country, but my mouth waters as soon as I see dates (it also waters if I see women who I want to date)! I bought a packet of them this evening on my way home, just because I happened to see them.
  • Why would the new ‘Office Stationery + Gift Shop’, that opened near my apartment, be selling buckets? I have no idea.
  • Someone sent a mail that had images of ’80s Doordarshan (the state run national tv channel that only people without cable will watch now) as a nostalgic reminder to anyone who was in India during the 19080s? Anyone remember the old Mahabharata serial? Worse acting was never to be found.
  • It’s funny how the inauguration of the first ever African-American president (and a welcome relief, no doubt) has sparked off blog posts about Indians who should learn from it and settle differences of cultural & religious nature. Oh I’m all for it but it’s just funny!
  • I’m trying to change my ISP as they have been having an increase of technical & customer services glitches in the past few months. In the last 4 months, I have called them up more times that the previous 2 years!
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