Notes For 22nd Oct, 2010

  • It’s been an ok week but I’m sad to say that it was almost a very bad Friday today due to a little in fighting. Glad that it good solved and sorted out.
  • I sat at the office along with another person and applied for jobs online. After I came home I also applied for 4 jobs in 4 different cities. I must say that I am really hoping to find a new job soon.
  • With my leave on Wednesday, I’m only working 4 days this week and only spent 9+11+10+10 hours on each of these four days. That’s the least that I have worked in a week for the past 3 months.
  • Trying to watch Metallica’s Some Kind Of Monster on my laptop.
  • I cannot believe that the dumb clients are blaming us for what they term as bad training modules – provided by them!
  • I ate duck curry (along with vellappam) this evening for dinner. You know what? I do not like duck, it’s too bony and you have to chew a lot and get so little meat in return. The gravy was very yummy though.

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