Notes For 27th August 2014

Here are some notes for today:

  • As I got into the bus this morning I dropped a couple of coins on the floor of the bus. I picked them up but the rain water on my hands and the mud on the floor made my hands sticky with dirty. I gave the bus conductor the money for my ticket and he gave me some water from a bottle to wash the mud off my hands. After all the experiences with a lot of the idiots who work in the city buses in Cochin, this nice guy was a refreshing change.
  • I reached South Kalamassery just before 12 pm and stopped for a lemonade and a snack. 15 minutes later I was at the SBT bank branch in the Cochin University campus.
  • I was there to cancel a PPF account (Public Provident Fund account) and transfer the amount to my savings accounts. I had to wait just a little bit until it was done but then there was a large group of people ahead of me at the tellers counter and so I had a long wait before I could withdraw some money.
  • The ticket or token machine was out of paper and so we had to wait until a lady came and replaced it. I was #40!
  • Once I took the money and placed it safely in an envelope and tucked it away in my pocket, I left to go find a return auto to take me to the South Kalamassery bus stop.
  • While I was waiting for a bus, a man in his late 4os heading towards me from the left waved and started talking to me. As he finally reached close enough he realized that he had made a mistake and that I was a total stranger to him. He suddenly took his phone from his pocket and yelled “Hello!” into it, pretending to have a phone call. A minute or so later, the guy he was looking for, and who he thought was me, turned up. The guy was wearing a similar shirt as mine and black pants, was about my height and size. No wonder he mistook me for him.
  • I reached back into the city and went to KFC for lunch as it was well past 2 pm. After that I bought some medicines for mom and an Asthalin inhaler for myself and went to the corner store to buy some stuff before I came back home.

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