Notes For 28th Dec

  • A little shortage of cash (dunno where I spent it this month) means I’m staying in this Sunday and not going out.
  • It was a beautiful day today; clear sky, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot and there was a gorgeous breeze.
  • I’m also reading another John Grisham book (for the 3rd time) – The Firm. Remember that movie with Tom Hanks Cruise & Gene Hackman?
  • On a side note – have Dustin Hoffmann & Robert DeNiro acted together in too many movies?
  • I got a request from a student, asking me to participate in a Vodka survey (that’s the best kind) and answer a few questions via email. I just completed it.
  • Watched a few episodes of Friends in the afternoon and kept thirsting for a beer, cause Joey & Ross were drinking them!
  • I want to take the next 4 days off as I am burnt out….but I can’t!
  • I’m going to try to watch a movie tonight or maybe I should just go to bed early

lady in the water dvd

watch home of the brave online

download barbie and the magic of pegasus 3 d dvd

4 thoughts on “Notes For 28th Dec”

  1. Umm, for someone who has seen “The Firm” so many times, it’s interesting that you saw Tom Hanks in it, when Tom Cruise was the star ). Maybe blog before you hit the vodkas eh ?

  2. I guess you must have a man crush on Tom Cruise then!! That’s the only way that I can see you comparing the two!! As talented an actor as Tom Cruise undoubtedly is – he is no Tom Hanks!! That’s more like tomato, coconut )

  3. Hmm you are obsessed with men to the point of thinking that your ‘straight’ cousin has a crush on a male actor! What an active imagination. Both are great actors, although I must admit that Hanks is probably the best of his generation.

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