Notes For 29th July

  • I am not happy at all regarding work & salary problems. But I am not getting any good offers from the ones that I have applied to.
  • I just got an email today, inviting applications for working on cruise ships. This looks very promising & interesting and the pay is amazing! I would love to get a job with them.
  • One of the biggest assholes is in our office for the next few days. He is such a dickhead!
  • I’m going to miss the really sweet & innocent girl who came to take a training for some of the executives in my office for 18 days. She has been a joy to be around and she has made many friends here. And she has learned so much Malayalam in such a short time.
  • No bomb explosions in Kerala so far and that is good news. It seems that it may have been a hoax but police are still on a vigil.

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