Notes For 30th June

  • Tomorrow marks the most important day of my professional life and one of the saddest in my personal life. I will be writing a test, giving a presentation & have an interview round to see if I am fit for promotion.
  • Lots of meetings & reviews, comings & goings at the office
  • My team members and I have bought our departing team lead two sarees on behalf of the company. We also plan on pooling our money and getting her something else to gift her on Wednesday.
  • I ordered a pizza (home delivery) for the very first time in my life! It was a Chicken supreme from Pizza Hut and it was expensive, delicious & very filling. I had that on Saturday.
  • My grandmother’s will was read today, after a memorial in her honour.
  • My i-pod shuffle was missing for 3 days and presumed lost forever. I found it among my laundry.
  • I am now officially using Firefox 3 at home.

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