Notes For 6th Nov

  • Going to try and watch Batman Begins tonight; I’ve left it for so long to watch this movie and it’s now or never. I got a copy of the movie last Sunday.
  • It’s so hot these evenings. It hasn’t rained as much in November as we had hoped and as result the heat is just up & up.
  • Some good news; my buddy Anil is headed back to Cochin as he has enough of his job in Delhi. He has interviewed with a company in Cochin and it seems that he could move back before the year ends. That means the trio will be reunited once again. Madhu & I can’t wait.
  • My legs hurt from last evening’s long walk. I was planning on doing the same thing today as well but I changed my mind at the last moment since I was tired. Tomorrow, I’m going to walk for 45 mins at around 8 pm.
  • I finally went to Vimal studio and got the two pants that I had ordered to be tailored over there. It has taken me 2 months to get it. The first time when I went to try them on, I wanted it to be shirtened a bit more and the next timem they had mixed up my order and asked me to come back in 4 days time, with an apology. After that either when I go there, it would be past their working hours or I forget. No longer; I just paid for them and they are so comfortable.

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