Notice The Newspaper

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Groggy after a late night movie watching spree and waking up late, I brushed my teeth, drank coffee quickly (gotta get that juice into my system) and then took the day’s newspaper into the loo (yes I read in there, damnit and so do you. Only you won’t admit it).

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Nothing strange there so far, other than the fact that I usually do not read the paper much. Anyways, as I was saying, I was reading the paper, starting from the sports section as I always do. It took me 3 pages in to realize that they had delivered the wrong paper to my apartment – we subscribe to the Indian Express and not the Hindu!

Later I was thinking, do newspaper matter that much anymore, as a lot of you bloggers have to say? Well, in a developing country like India yes it does. But maybe it doesn’t matter which paper it is.

One thought on “Notice The Newspaper

  1. I guess it depends where you are located, but for me, I haven’t picked up a newspaper in years, with exception to when I was looking for a job, in which case I would pick up just the Sunday paper. For news, I can get everything I want to know online much faster and quickly updated.

    ~ Kristi

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