Now Begins The Recovery

I had a little tough time getting to sleep last night. My asthma inhaler ran out (stoopid, stoopid! Did not check the level) and on a day that I was having a lot of coughing & wheezing, I should have the damn thing ready to use and with me all the time. I didn’t and it was at around 9 pm when I realized it. I was feeling a bit wheezy then but I thought that I’ll try not to cough or sneeze, which only makes my asthma worse, and I should be fine until morning. I didn’t think I would be able to ask someone to go buy me meds at 9 in the night.

So I watched Friends escape to witch mountain dvd genova download all the way from the vey beginning (do you know a better way to get rid of your physical or mental illness?) and watched around 7 episodes of Season 1. This is so relaxing but I have to be careful and not laugh too much or it will start getting me coughing again. I went to sleep at around 12:45 am and woke up with a little breathing problem. I waited, patiently drinking coffee and relaxed for an hour and 40 minutes and then took a bath & a shave. On my way to the office, I stopped at a medical store, replaced my inhaler and then I could breathe easily.

It was so much better and despite the head cold and a cough, I felt so much better by noon! I was so relieved since there is a lot of work to be done, I didn’t want it to slow me down. I had lunch with the gang and went back to work feeling so much more better than yesterday. I guess I am on the road to recovery. And not a moment too soon!

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