Kinda found out about this 2007 movie by accident and thought “I should get this”. I must say that the only reason for trying out this movie was the fact that it starred Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing but if you think for one moment that this film is going to be a Chandler-fest event – think again. Numb is a drama movie with slight elements of comedy and sees Perry dish out perhaps his best acting role in his career. It’s more of an film festival movie rather than a movie to be seen for the masses. However I would have an appeal to the masses who have seen & liked Friends & Chandler in particular – go and get your own dvd copy of this film!

Directed by Harris Goldberg who, according to an interview on a bonus feature of the DVD release, says he was inspired to write the screenplay by his own experience battling  depersonalization disorder and clinical depression. So let’s get on with the movie: Perry plays Hudson a moderately successful script writer in Hollywood who already suffering from feelings of inadequacy and some depression, smokes too much pot one day and becomes alienated from the outside world and even his own body and is diagnosed with ‘depersonalization disorder.’ The title ‘Numb’ is the feeling he has of not caring about anything around him. Which makes interacting with other people, which makes his job along with partner Tom (Kevin Pollak) that much more difficult.

As Hudson stumbles through life  he searches for a solution by seeing various therapists but none seem to work out. When nothing seems to help Hudson consults Dr. Richmond, who also sees drugs as the solution. While he continues down this road, he meets Sara (Lynn Collins), a studio executive & a beautiful young woman, who finds him attractive and appealing and decides to introduce him to as many positive and compelling experiences as possible. He wants to be with Sara but is unable to stay involved in the relationship. Sara is also shocked at his bout with a little kleptomia – Hudson steals a pen from the same store he goes to regularly and his bedside drawer is filled with them. At first, Sarah deals with his condition and tries to help him get over it. As the relationship goes on it becomes more and more of a problem.

Also adding to the mix is Dr. Blaine (Mary Steenburgen) another therapist who Hudson sees and she ends up having sex with him. It turns out she is even more desperate and wacky and she needs professional help herself. Hudson wants to change and be better for Sara but he doesn’t know if there is a cure. Adding to this is the death of his father (William B Davis), his estrangement from his brother & his troubled relationship with his mother (Helen Shaver). In a desperate attempt to reverse his problem, Hudson even tries to smoke even more pot at one go. When that doesn’t work, he steals from a store and runs away but gets caught by a cop. He befriends a homeless guy and decides to end his therapy sessions and decides to make another attempt with Sara.

Totally a movie out from the left. I felt that they could have done better with some changes to the script. But it wasn’t meant to be a huge comedy or a blockbuster or a summer sleeper hit. 7 outta 10!

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