Observe And Report

This is probably going to be the least popular Seth Rogen movie. An obscenity laced film, Observe And Report is a poorer cousin of Paul Blart : Mall Cop. The two movies were made around the same time and have similar themes – a shopping mall security cop who has dreams of being a real cop. But it fails to be half as charming as Mall Cop.

  • Seth Rogen plays Ronnie Barnhart the tough guy head of security at the mall.
  • Anna Faris plays, rather annoyingly at that, the cosmetics girl Brandi, who is the object of Ronnie’s lust. He finally gets her to go out on a date with him, where she gets drunk and they have sex.
  • Nell (Collette Wolfe) is a sweet girl working at the food court and whose leg is in a cast for most of the film. She falls for Ronnie after he defends her against her cruel manager.
  • Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) plays an arrogant cop who doesn’t like Ronnie and then has sex with Brandi. When Ronnie sees them going at it in her car, he blows up.
  • The flasher is a portly man and they shows us his dick when he runs around the mall. Actually male frontal nudity. Gross too! Ronnie shoots him in the end and turns him over to the cops.
  • Overall, it’s not worth watching twice. Too much profanity without a reason, some of the dialogues can be termed as ‘black comedy’ but I fail to see the point of it all.

5 outta 10

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