Ode To A Woman’s Posterior

Ok, I might be headed for troubled waters over here by posting this particular post. Most of my readers are women (ah the attention) and I don’t want to offend them or repel them. It’s all in good, harmless but slightly sexist fun.

I make no claims against it – I like big butts and I cannot lie. The swing of a large (not grossly) butt makes me all hot & bothered. Encase them in somewhat tight pants and you’ll have to pry my eyes away from them with a crowbar. Handfuls of grabfulls is desired in a woman. I would hate it if the woman had no butt to speak off.

I have just met this woman who is at a high position in my company. She has just joined and is taking up a post in another city and was visiting our center here for a few days. Tomorrow I get to spend some time with her, as she will need to get an overview of the training functions. I’m so happy, cause she has an amazing, rounded and big butt. In her black pants, I can’t stop to admire them and her as she ambles on by. Admire her humps and her lovely lady lumps!! A couple of songs about big rear ends come to my mind like : It’s wonderful, can I get a little more, Cause it’s about as wide as my big old garage door or My baby’s she’s got a Butterball!

Cause some men like me, can’t eat the chicken without the gravy!! lol

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