Ode To The Mosquito & The Mosquito Coil

Living in Thrikkakara for 19 years and the 11 years that I lived in Kuwait, I was mostly mosquito free. While many people I know have to depend on the various mosquito repellents available in the market, my folks and I went unaffected by it. Used to be that only when I stay over in Mattancherry, in my maternal grandma’s house, did I have to revert to what the masses were doing viz-a-viz mosquito aversions. Ointments, mosquito nets, mosquito coils and mats plus the more effective choice of the liquid thingy. Now that I have moved to Kacheripady, I have to be more careful – this place is quite near garbage dumps. Hence mosquitos and their entire entourage abound in blood-thirsty glory and are just waiting for nightfall to start sucking on your blood. If I forget to close the windows after 7 pm, I am done for. I begin to understand what a vampire’s victim goes through! (hey wait, I thought I was a Vampire….nevermind). Anyway, I penned a little ditty for the mosquito coil & the mosquito, to be sung in the melody of the hit song “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd.

So, so you think you can tell female from a male,
yesterday’s bite from todays’
I got one on my ass & face, one on the nuts, whose to complain
Do you think you can tell?

What do I do once the coils fade to just ghosts?
Should I beg on my knees? Repel them with a sneeze?
Bite them back for a change? Blood didn’t exchange
one just buzzed in my ear and woke me up in a rage

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
I’m just a poor bitten soul searching for the repelent bowl,
bites after bites,
running out to the ground. What have we found?
More of the same,
wish you were here.

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