Of All The Stupid Things

I can’t believe it how fucking stupid my company is. They promote this fucking stupid moron who doesn’t have a decent bone in his body. A corporate whore, sonofabitch, asshole, motherfucker, father’s cock sucker, idiot asslicking dickhead! And he is a manager. He is the worst kind, arrogant to the core, doesn’t do any work and pushes his weight around because he is favoured. A manager, this idiot! Well, we are all united in the fact that we hate this bucket of shit!

He got promoted to as assistant manager only because he was the previous GM’s bitch! That big bugger used to say ‘bend over and spread ur butt cheeks’ and this jerkoff obliged as far as he could. And he blew him and he sucked and he swallowed. And he licked ass. And he is a bastard! And they pick him!

My time is up at this company. And I don’t want to get promoted here as then I will have to report to this piece of shit.

7 thoughts on “Of All The Stupid Things

  1. LOL don’t hold back Roshan, tell us how you *really* feel :-D

    I don’t envy you… these aberrances of office politics make me want to puke. Get out while you still can – life is too short to hate your job :-(

  2. i get some info as i still have contact with my ex colleagues…Yeah dude i get you,,Everybody is quitting…..

  3. I am not sure what you heard but I know that I cannot report to that fucking asshole idiot. So I am quitting.

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