Oh Woman!

Ok, time for some sinful thoughts. Look, there is this woman that I know and she is so hot. I mean really hot – take normal hotness and increase the flames twice. Her only blemish is the braces that she has put on her teeth (she is about 26 years old). The rest is a sexy package that looks fantastic no matter what she wears. I can’t stop stealing more than a glance or a stare as she glides across the hallways or the huge bay in which her department and mine is put up. Most of the time she sits in another room but she has to pass by several times in a day. And my eyes follow her every move.

She had this sly crooked (slanting?) smile a few days ago planted on her face when some of us were in this room for a quick meeting. She knew she had all the guy’s attention. She was the hottest girl in the room and she knew it. I couldn’t help staring. She has got all the right moves and all the right curves. I can’t help but indulge her with my staring games cause I know she loves it when guys stare at her. Yesterday I had to spend some time with her on some work related stuff. She helped me along but it was also like she was posing for my effect. And she flirted like there was no tomorrow. Some other guys were watching and they had lots of comments. I’m pathetic, I know, but I just couldn’t help myself. Down boy!

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Song for the day – “Slow n’ Easy” – WHITESNAKE

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