Oilers Trade Ryan Smyth To Islanders!!

20 minutes before the trade deadline ended, the Edmonton Oilers & the New York Islander agreed on a trade that shocked the entire NHL & it’s fans. In exchange for two young prospective players, Kent Nilsson & Ryan O’Marra, and a first round pick in the 2007 draft, the Islanders got Ryan Smyth! Ryan Smyth, the guy who all of Edmonton and their fans thought was irreplaceable and who gave it all for his favourite team while growing up in nearby Banff.

While the Islanders’ management are boasting about acquiring ‘Captain Canada’ as Smyth is known, the Oiler’s website is trying to cover what is now the third big player move away from Edmonton. In less than a year, Chris Pronger, Mike Peca and Ryan Smyth have left the team, although both Pronger & Peca wanted to leave and Peca was at the end of a one year contract. It seems that the Oilers & Smyth could not come to an agreement on his contract which ends in July and so the trade was made. The Islanders have till July to get Ryan to sign on or he could still come back to Edmonton. Whatever happens Edmonton is in shock and even honouring Mark Messier on his jersey retirement night cannot bring the city out of the gloom.

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