Old TV Shows I Miss

Hmmm if by that they mean which old tv shows were still being shown on reruns and not old tv shows that could still be in production. So if I’m correct, then I’d like MASH, Mind Your Language, Gimme A Break, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Three’s Company all those fun series. Remington Steele, Moonlightning, Crazy Like a Fox, The Jeffersons, What A Country.

Stuff like these shows are not only fun & entertaining but they are also very nostalgic. They remind most of us about our childhood and times when things were much simpler. Misfits Of Science, Silver Spoons, the original Star Trek, V & Battlestar Galactica. All fun and exciting to watch. Stuff that will grow old and you’d want to watch over & over again as the years go by.

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2 thoughts on “Old TV Shows I Miss

  1. I haven’t thought about a lot of those shows in a long time. The A Team and MASH were always favorites. I found the complete A Team series at DISHOnline.com and Doogie Howser too. There are so many great old TV shows and movies there available for free and even more with subscription. This is the best site I have found to help me kill a little time when things get slow, working nights here at DISH.

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