Omen III : The Final Conflict

In 1981 the 3rd and final movie of the Omen trilogy, Omen III : The Final Conflict, was released directed by Graham Baker this time and starring a then almost unknown Sam Neill as a grown up Damien. Harvey Bernhard & Richard Donner co-produced the movie which was written by Andrew Birkin. Joining Neill in the film are Lisa Harrow, Rosanno Brazzi, Don Gordon & Leueen Willoughby.

Damien is now 32 years of age and heading Thorn industries which has grown even more powerful under his leadership. He informs his assistant Harvey Dean that he intends to take the post of Ambassador to the United Kingdom, just like his adopted father Robert Thorn. In England the current US Ambassador is walking by the park when he is hypnotized by a dog sent by Damien and goes into his office and commits suicide in a ghastly manner that is witnessed by a group of journalists he had called for a press conference. The US President appoints Damien to the position after the latter asks for two favours in addition. Meanwhile an alignment of the stars in the Cassiopeia constellation causes the generation of a ‘superstar’, described as a second Star of Bethlehem. Damien & several priests realize the same thing that it is a sign of the Second Coming of Christ. Fearing that his plans for domination will be thwarted, Damien has his followers gather and orders them to kill all baby boys in England born on the morning of March 24, 1982 to be killed.

Across the nation followers of Satan go about killing the babies without getting caught while Dean lies that his own son was born the day before. While all this is happening Damien has met and begun a romantic relationship with television journalist Kate Reynolds and seems interested in her young son, who he turns into a disciple. Meanwhile the 7 daggers of Meggido were unearthed from the ruins of the Thorn Museum and finds it’s way to a collector who sells it to a church in Italy. Father Decarlo and 6 other priests each hold one of the daggers and move to England to kill Damien. One by one the priests are killed off by forces of the antichrist. At a fox hunt Damien is trapped on a bridge by two of the priests on both ends but he uses his influences on the horse to knock one of the priests off the bridge and falling below to his death. He then orders a pack of blood hounds to kill the other priest. Now only Decarlo remains alive and he tries to approach Kate and warns her about him. She is however struck by love for Damien and proceeds to have sex with him at his house, where he violently takes her from behind and has anal sex with her. Early in the morning she finds him lying naked in another room and sees the sign of the devil as 666 on his scalp, just as DeCarlo said. Aghast she leaves for her place just as he awakens. Unknown to Kate, Damien had had her son Peter follow the priest and the boy spied on their conversation.

Damien then confronts Dean about his son’s birth actually being on the 24th of March. Peter had also followed DeCarlo to Dean’s house and the priest had informed Dean’s wife Barbara that Dean had had all these babies killed on Damien’s orders. Damien now orders Dean to kill his own son but the latter refuses and rushes home. Barbara sees Damien’s dog threatens her child, but she drives it away. Then she has a vision of her son as a burnt offering. This causes her to fall under Damien’s control and she picks up an iron. Shortly afterwards Dean enters the house where he is killed by Barbara. With the Christ child safely out of reach, DeCarlo approaches Kate for  help again and in order to get her son back from Damien’s grasps she agrees to set him up. She has Damien & Peter follow her to an abandoned old church where DeCarlo is waiting to ambush the antichrist. However Damien spies DeCarlo at the last moment and pushes Peter in front of him. The boy receives the thrust of the dagger’s blade into his stomach as Kate cries out and Damien hits out at DeCarlo. An angry Damien then calls out to Nazarene, the child Christ, and searches for him in the building. Unseen by him Kate approaches from one side and with one of the daggers stabs him in the back, releasing a wail of demonic agony. Damien stumbles towards an image of Christ looming above in bright light and utters his last words “You have won….nothing!” As the movie ends, DeCarlo carries Peter’s body to Kate and a scripture of Revelation chapter 21, verse 4 indicating that when Christ returns to earth, peace will reign for all who faithfully awaited the Lord’s return.

Yeah right! Anyways, good film just falls short of being really good. I remember watching this back in 1991 and it had more of an effect on me. Still good enough for a 7 outta 10!

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