Omen IV : The Awakening

I was bored and watched this movie on cable today. The Omen had 2 sequels and this, a direct to tv sequel. The story revolves around the daughter of Damian Thorn, the anti-christ, who is adopted by a couple through a church. This grand daughter of Satan plays havoc with the mother Karen York, played by Faye Grant, scaring her from the very begining by scratching her.

The baby, named Delia, creates trouble with a bully at her school and causes the death of her nanny, Jo. Karen is suspicious at times and tries to find out the Delia’s real parents. Karen also becomes pregnant – but it’s actually Delia’s twin, whose embryo was implanted into Karen; she has just given birth to Delia’s biological brother, the son of Damien!

And the real anti-christ is actually the son not Delia. Enraged at the doctor who removed the embryo from Delia and implanted it into her, Karen stabs him and then goes to kill Delia & her twin. However the forces of evil are too strong for Karen to overcome and she turns the gun on herself. The anti-christ and his sister live on.

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