On Asking for Help

Usually when I get ill – I hate asking for help like going to the hospital and consulting a doctor. This is mainly because I don’t like hospitals and doctors. Love nurses though! Unless I am totally unable to handle my illness I will choose not to go to a hospital or clinic. Like a fever – unless it’s extremely high, I will choose to stay back at home and rest, take some medicine that helps and eat light. I fight fevers with a few tablets, soup, home made remedies and sleep. There have been a couple of cases, once in 2007 and once in 2009 where I fell so ill with a high fever that made me so weak that I had to go to the doc and get a shot to bring the fever down. And I hate the fact that the shot, it’s always on your bum!

Other than that I usually do ask for help whenever I feel like it’s needed or I am in over my head and have no problem in asking for it. Atleast I think it’s not something that I really avoid.

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One thought on “On Asking for Help

  1. I’m very bad at asking for help. It is one of my shortcomings. I realise I would have had a better outcome with certain situations if I had asked for help to begin with. It is something I am working on.

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