On Children

I don’t hate kids, I like them but I like them from a distance. I’m an unmarried & single man of 35 years. I do not have kids (that I know of) and in the next few years there are no plans to have a kid. If I do not father a child by the age of 40, I firmly believe that it’s better not to have any. Assuming, you know, my swimmers are all in peak efficiency and will cause no problems in getting that egg. So if I don’t find a female human who wants to settle down with sweet ole me and get married before I hit the big 4 0 – then the world will never see little Roshans or Roshanis running about on their little feet and causing havoc like their old man did back in the day!

But I have to admit that I do not see myself as a father even if I did get married before that cutoff age that I have given. Even if I had gotten married a few years ago, I still wouldn’t see myself willingly wanting to manufacture a baby or two. Ofcourse the practice is great but the actual end product is not something that I feel I’m cut out for. I do not see myself as a father, a dad, a daddy, a pop – a sugar daddy, yes maybe but not a parent. I’m not close to my nephews and niece; if they come over, I spend maybe 15 minutes with them and then I’m off. I have no overwhelming urge to see them. Heck my niece used to be shit scared of me because when she was very little I scared her wearing a towel on my head! Now at the age of 5, she never even talks to me even if I have tried bribing her a few times with candy.

A bunch of my cousins have kids and most of the time I find that I am eager to see my cousins but not so much their kids. I know their names and perhaps their ages but that’s it. I’m finding it hard to even muster the least interest in kids. I guess that’s also the reason & the result of me avoiding family functions. I wouldn’t be able to spend hours talking about what the kids did and all stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I wish only the best for my cousins and their kids – I just won’t be comfortable around them. I’m like the uncle who stays away.

Some people have told me that if I have kids of my own my feelings would change. Holding your new born baby in your arms for the first time changes every man. I dunno, there’s nothing wrong in choosing not to want to have kids, right? I know several people who feel the same way. This is not an easy world to live in. And plus who knows, I’m waiting for December 2012 to roll by to see if the human race will continue to exist. Who knows what’s in store but I don’t see my feelings change any time soon.

PS – but I go crazy for puppies & dogs, kittens & cats and even some other small ones of animals! I’m weird!!

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4 thoughts on “On Children

  1. Absolutely nothing wrong in not wanting kids.. it’s thankless, unrelenting, expensive task most of the time and I’m glad mine are grown up now!

    As you know I’m going to be a Granny soon and I do look forward to that as it won’t be me doing all the hard work, I hope to just have the fun side of it all! :)

  2. I’m with everyone else, kids are hard, and they’re not for everyone. I think it’s important to really look into your feelings about kids and not just follow the expected path.

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