On Drinking Tea

I have an upset tummy. It must have been the porotta and chicken curry that I ate last night. Well  the chicken curry to be specific. While I ate the chicken I sensed that he wasn’t quite dead yet and was putting up a fight. Unlucky for me, the battle continued after he went into my belly and well, he won. Damn stupid bugger!

The food reacted badly inside me and I’ve had to visit the restroom on many an occasion today from 2 am onwards and I’m getting tired of it. I couldn’t eat breakfast or rather didn’t want to eat any and had a very light lunch of rice, curd and some veggie stuff but my tummy is still upset and so I’m taking the day off from work (the night off from work as I work night shifts) today. I’ve had two cups of hot soothing black tea with lemon squeezed into it this evening, hoping to calm the beast inside me.

Interestingly enough, I’ve been drinking a lot more tea since the last month or so. That is more due to the fact that there is only tea stocked in the office and so I drink atleast a cup a day while in the office. I drink it black and sweet. Once in a while when I am in cafes I might choose an iced tea, either raspberry or lemon flavored. I just can’t stand milk in tea, yuck. But I love ice tea. Funny enough, when I lived in Bangalore all those years ago, in the hostel that I stayed in they used to serve us a hot concoction during breakfast and in the evening. Although it tasted the same, they claimed that it was coffee in the morning and tea in the evening! Even if you argued that the blasted thing tasted the same, the cooks stood by their claims!

I guess I might settle to drinking more tea from now on, especially in the evenings. I need my coffee in the morning, sometimes at least 2 cups. Evenings can be tea. Or the other way since I work 10pm-7am shifts. Tea in the morning once I reach home and coffee in the evening.

One thought on “On Drinking Tea

  1. I love a cuppa tea but I do have a teeny splash of milk in it and NO sugar!

    I don’t like coffee, although I wish I did.

    Hope you are back to 100% now :)

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