On Money and Happiness

They say that money can’t buy you happiness. Or love (thanks Ringo, John, George & Paul) for that matter. But it’s not as simple as that, not so cut and dry. Money can lead you to get the things that you wanted and thus help you towards getting highly satisfied in life. You would need money to buy you a lot of things that are essential in life and goes a long way to making your life secure & comfortable. Without which you cannot be happy.

‘All You Need Is Love’ is what the Fab 4 sang to us all those years back (again with the Beatles quotes, what’s with me today?). Say you are a young man who is single and suddenly you find the love of your life. Don’t you want to provide for her, buy her the things you would want her to have? Don’t you want a nice apartment or house for you and her to call home? Don’t you want to buy all the household appliances, a nice big screen tv and lots of clothes? Good food for the both of you to eat and the choicest of beverages? And when you have kids don’t you want to secure their future, their feeding, their upbringing and their education? How do you think you can get all that done?

They only way is to have money, maybe not loads of it but enough and a little more so that you can do all of this and above. So you may need lakhs of rupees and not crores (or hundreds of thousands of dollars but not millions) and also retain a positive outook, be faithful and loving and if you get that in return and are successful in what you do as a career, then you might find true happiness.

Me, I have neither money nor happiness! At this stage of my life, I’d really want lots of money. So those of you who think that money can’t buy you happiness – strictly none at all, not even indirectly – I say give me all your money or most of it any way. You will find happiness and I will be very rich. And a result, I will be very happy! There, that way everyone’s a winner!!

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2 thoughts on “On Money and Happiness

  1. She is wise. He is my quote “Whoever tells you money can’t buy you happiness, either has a lot of money and is patronizing you or has none and therefore has no idea what he/she is talking about”.

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