On Same-Sex Marriage

Ok here is my take on same-sex marriages: I do not understand male homosexuality. I will never ever be able to understand it. But I neither hate them nor do I want any harm to befall them. Unless ofcourse they want to harm me or someone I care about. I will admit that on a few occasions either me or a friend has had a bad experience with a homosexual male. Nothing that gaudy, just rude come on remarks, unwanted attention and an over eagerness to become friends. On each occasion we have warded it off. But that’s just 3 or 4 times and that’s a small minority. Heterosexuals have done me & my friends more harm.

I need not understand them but they are human beings just like you and me and that should be more than enough for me or anybody else. Leave them alone. They don’t harm anyone and they have as much right to be married and live a happy life as you and your loved ones. If you know gay people and they are nice, good people, support them and their rights. Show them you care. Their sex life & sexual preference should matter less than the kind of person they are. And no religion should be worried or bother them too. Remember neither Islam nor Christianity nor Hinduism invented marriages. Contrary to what the idiots might think & say. Even some of the gods were gay. Don’t deny it, they were. Mythical & characters in stories but yes, gay. So get off your high horse. Nothing is gonna happen to your family & kids, nothing will happen to your way of life, nothing will happen to societies morals. Your religion doesn’t have a stranglehold on morals or ethics either. Stop being drama queens & mean. Shut up and go to the gay weddings if invited. If not stay and home and watch tv.

This shouldn’t even be a question. I realize that I only mentioned males above. That’s because I said I couldn’t really understand gay males but I totally understand lesbians. Not to be too sleezy but I can understand why women would like other women – because women are so sweet, lovely & beautiful & sexy. Why wouldn’t they want to be with more of their kind? I love women so it’s natural for me to understand why women love women. Not only do I support them, I give them my blessing! Ok – little bit silliness there. Back to the point, same-sex marriages should have the same benefits as the more common man-woman marriage. Anyone who think otherwise is just being a douche-bag!

One thought on “On Same-Sex Marriage

  1. I completely agree. What bothers me about the same sex marriage debate is how the politicians keep trying to bring religion into it. It’s a civil rights issue. If you’re gay you should be allowed to marry and enjoy the same benefits as heterosexual couples. Anything else just seems so mean-spirited…..

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