On The Day Of The Burger I Had The Best Burger I Have Had Yet!

IMG2022052820522828th May was National Burger day in the US – unfortunately, I do not see an International Burger Day! Oh well, so even though 3 days have passed, I am posting this today. And, I actually had this burger on the 28th – so yay Burger Day and I hope we make it an official international day of the burger.

The Burger Junction is the best place in Kochi to get a juicy burger. Infact that they are the best in the state and amongst the best in Asia. Their burgers are world class and never fail to satisfy and please your cravings. I usually rate their burgers an 8.5, 9 or 9.5. And I think I may have rated one or two of them as a 10! Those are rare by the way. Well, now here we have another 10. So awesome that I want to order one more right now!

This is their Gorgonzola burger. This amazing and large burger comes with a ciabatta bun, a beef patty, rocket leaves, spinach, avocado, Gorgonzola cheese and delicious rosemary garlic aioli. I decided to add a fried egg and bacon to it and OH…..MY…..GOD! This is a perfect 10 outta 10, filling and delicious from start to finish. Everything goes so great with each other. Now I know the fried egg and bacon are add on that you have to pay extra but still, it is an awesome burger.

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