Onam Day

So how did you celebrate your Onam day today? I bet it was a lot more interesting than what I did. I woke up as late as I could. I didn’t take a shower or take a bath – as of yet and it’s after 7 in the evening. I had my coffee and went back to bed and read and listened to some songs. I read blogs and watched some videos on Youtube. And I had to reply back to numerous Onam greetings as email, orkut & smses.

Ok so food! By 1:30 I was getting hungry and I wanted to have lunch. Dad, mom, Sherina and her baby Geethanjali were all sitting down and we ate. For those of you who understand what these names mean, we had rice, sambar, oalan, avial (I hate them and I won’t touch that), lots of poppadoms, mango pickle, pulinjee (so delicious) and cabbage thoran. And desert was palada payasam that my father had picked up from…who knows where.

A heavy meal like that deserves a proper nap, though I tried in earnest to watch a movie on my computer. It didn’t work and about 20 minutes into the movie, my eyes were closing. It was almost 4 by then and I dozed for a solid two hours. Still listening to music and reading other people’s blogs.

As boring an Onam as I expected!

Song for the day – “The Messenger” – THE TEA PARTY

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