Onam Sadhya Photo

This is what is usually served for an Onam sadya. While tempting and nice, my complaint is that any Hindu Malayalee occassion serves the same food. Rice, a bunch of curries and payasam! Onam, Vishu, traditional birthdays, weddings, engagements, at a temple! And it’s the same as what you normally eat on an average day – except that there are more curries and you get payasam!

So what’s the big deal in serving one? Since I was alone at home, I had instant noodles. It’s no sadya but then it’s no different from any other day!

2 thoughts on “Onam Sadhya Photo

  1. GASP! don’t say that. i hardly ever have the sadhya at home unless i’m visiting the grandparents in kerala. but this being my second year in another country, i’d kill for a little taste of that right now!!

  2. It’s nice to come home to familiar cooking when u r abroad for a while or if you’re an ethnic Indian raised abroad and can only get Indian home made cooking when u come to the motherland (not sure which one is you) but for me…..I’m just tired of it. I can’t run away from it but it wudn’t hurt to change the menu.

    Also, it sucks if you’re served a piping hot sadya, outdoors in the blazing hot sun! Man, that can kill ya!

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