Onam Takes Over Wrestler Murder-Suicide

I’m always curious to know how those people who search in Google, Yahoo or Bing come upon my blog by chance. It surprises me that the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide controversy, in particular the theory that satanist & former wrestler was behind the killings, still regins supreme week on week.

Except for this past week! 18 times people have reached my blog post on the same last week but it’s not a match for Onam!

22 times people have stumbled on by (if you excuse the pun) searching for ‘pookalam’ designs or photos. I remember that last year, I shared a photo that I took of the ‘pookalam’ that some of the trainees at the BPO where I work had made. That still is one of the best that I’ve seen so far.

And new of last week’s bus strike was the third most searched topic that brought people to my blog. Oh dear, oh dear!

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