Once Again Hospitalized

Well, it happened again. Something that I thought was sorted out and would never happen again and that I just need to be careful and hope that my legs get back to full strength. I got my problem again. On Friday morning, after doing a night shift of 1:30 am till 9:30 am, I went to get some coffee and breakfast. In fact I had actually started my work at the office at 12 am. After coffee and breakfast, I came back home but as I was getting in the Uber, I had abdominal cramps. I chalked it up to having less water and also the room that I was in was a bit hot and the ac was barely on.

I came home by 10:45 am and went to bed at 11:30 am but woke up at 12:30 pm with cramps on both calfs. It refused to go away and it got worse when I tried to sit down. We had to call an ambulance and I needed help to get in and get down. At the hospital they have me some painkillers via a drip and then I waited to see the doctor I had been consulting with. After he saw my blood test results, he asked the nurses to give me two shots of a powerful painkiller and then I was led to my room. BY this time the pain had decreased and it was almost gone and it was almost 6pm by then.

I was in the hospital till yesterday evening. Turns out I also have a bad infection and this could have triggered the cramps. I do not know. I am on anti-biotics and will go back on Monday. I spend Saturday, Sunday & most of Monday in my room with my sister, eating simple meals, drinking lots of water and resting. I am now taking my medicine and resting at home, getting some sleep.

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