One Hot Sexy PC With Everything

For all my love for laptops/notebooks for the past couple of years, I’ve ignore desktops. I didn’t like the space it took and I didn’t like the wires. I didn’t like the fact that if I needed to move it places, I’d have to hire a car or atleast an autorickshaw. Laptops were it for me; with my only complaint that bigger & sleeker looking models and brands were very expensive and way beyond my budget. For instance, I wanted a 17 or 18 inch laptop but due to budget constraints, had to settle for a no frills looking (but very good) laptop with a 15.6 in monitor.

Now since I  like huge screens why not go for a desktop you say? Well if I had an option to buy one of these, the HP Pro All-in-One MS218 VT538AA business PC, then I so fucking would. Look the gorgeous sexy thing and I’m not just talking about Sam who is presenting it.

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