One Lonely Scifi Loving Geek

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Ok, so wipe my memory clean and I am entering my bedroom for the very first time. And here is what I think. I see a big bed pushed towards one side of the room, next to one set of the two windows. It’s a bed for two but only person sleeps in it. Probably a bachelor. Why? Because there is stuff on one side of the bed!

There’s an office diary, a novel, some mags of Star Trek ships, a small phone stand, a broken umbrella and an office lanyard. Definitely a bachelor. Ok, moving on we have a clothes pole with a man’s shirt and pants. Also hanging in it is an old belt and a USB cable. On a lower peg we find a dusty but still unopened plastic cover bag of a teddy bear – probably a gift. We have an old chair in one corner and on it are stacks of magazines and books, the box of a wallet, the box of an external hard disk and the box of a Samsung Galaxy phone. Clearly this person has problems with throwing away boxes. We also have a box and a model Star Trek starship that he hasn’t completed sticking the decals on.

We also have an inbuilt cupboard that has stacks of dvds, a few cds and empty covers of Star Trek starship models. Next to the chair we have a display case / bookshelf that has several Star Trek starships and a few other knickknacks. On the bottom shelf we have more empty boxes. Next to the bookshelf we have a small dustbin, the box of a Dell laptop and a plastic cover with what looks like old pc mouses and cables. Next to the door we have a small desk with a Dell laptop and speakers and a USB mouse. There are external hard drives, pens, spare batteries for the USB mouse, a modem and some old cds in cases.

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