One Of The Worst Days Ever

This has been one of the worst days of my professional life. I run things with a lot of freedom given to my team, a lot of liberty & a lot of affection and I expect a few things in return. Loyalty, sincerty, decency and results – and if the results don’t come but the effort is 100% then I’ve got their back and I’ll take care of the rest. Today I could not defend the actions of a member of my team as I myself cannot accept what he has done.

This person who moved to my team about a month & a half ago, has been caught trying to cheat the system. It’s a huge integrity issue and I’m surprised that he has had the nerve to do it. I would never have expected that he would do this in a million years. And he tried to cover it and claims that he did not know the severity of what he has done. I know for a fact that many others in the Operations department are doing the same and even worse crimes but they are lucky enough not to get caught.

I don’t care about that but I do care that my team holds a high standard. We are trainers and we have to show the right way and we are there to improve upon performance. Not sit there and do bullshit and then offer the stupidest of excuses. I thought that I had laid the groundrules for a stable foundation but having meetings every week and sometimes twice in a week and reiterating these points. Apparentely one idiot had turned a deaf ear.

And he has been asked to resign. Caught red-handed the bugger did not know what to say when I confronted him. He is misguided but the crime is severe. I spoke to my superiors over the phone and they supported my decision. I was so upset that I raised my voice at him and when I addressed the rest of my team as well. I never do that! I don’t ever want to do that again. It’s not me.

The shame is that I inducted this guy into the company, I was his initial point of contact and I trained him for 5 days in Preprocess. I was quite proud that he had managed to get promoted but now I regret the choice. I just hope that this example will ensure that others don’t do such things.

One thought on “One Of The Worst Days Ever

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. I worked with a girl who was stealing from the company once. I felt guilty because I had sat on the panel that had interviewed her and voted that she be hired. You just never know with some people. Don’t blame yourself.

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