OpenBeak Former Known As TwitterBerry

One of the first applications that I looked forward to downloading & installing on my BlackBerry, once I got my internet services up & running, was TwitterBerry. TwitterBerry, as some of you might know, is an application software or app created to use Twitter on your BlackBerry phone.

Well last night when I did a search on my phone for TwitterBerry I saw that the creators of the app, Orangatame Software, had changed the name of the app to OpenBeak. According to the website:

OpenBeak is mobile client for posting updates to Twitter. It works over the data network, so you don’t need to use SMS. OpenBeak is the evolution of TwitterBerry, and gives a name that allows the app to grow beyond both the Twitter platform and BlackBerry smartphones.

Well, although I think that TwitterBerry was a much cooler name, this app is very cool. Here are the features:

  • Post updates to Twitter, including a character countdown from 140 characters
  • One-click access to view friends timelines, replies, your favorites, your own timeline, and the public timeline
  • Post pictures to Zannel, TwitPic, Twitgoo, or yfrog
  • Take a picture with a one-click embedded camera (BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.6+)
  • Reply to tweets from each timeline view
  • Send and receive direct messages
  • Mark tweets as favorites
  • Notification icon that indicates the number of unread messages, like new emails or missed calls (BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.6+)
  • Cache all avatar images to internal memory, thus saves network access and helps faster loading
  • Search Twitter with a keyword or from a list of currently trending topics
  • Active text recognition of @usernames and #hashtags
  • New Setup wizard
  • Two modes of list views: a “fixed height” view and a “variable height” view

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