Operation Raid Binny’s Computer Episode 3

Although I was a bit tired, I had made arrangements through Twitter to meet Binny, he of the amazingly large movie collection. It had been quite a while since I was able to conduct an ‘operation raid Binny’s collection’, as other guys in Twitter refer to and I needed more movies. He wanted Season 7 of Star Trek Voyager & anything else of interest that I might have.

So we agreed to meet around 11:30 am at Barista cafe and he would bring his laptop and I would bring one of my external hard drives (as I have no laptop). I woke up at around 7 am, watched an episode of Star Trek Enterprise that I had downloaded, had coffee and then ate a slow breakfast while rocking out to some tunes. By 10 am, Binny called to confirm the timings and the venue (CCD was discussed but my last visit to CCD was not good and so I didn’t want to go there).  I took a shower and headed over to Barista by 11:15 am.

We sat at a corner table and chatted for about 90 minutes. I got a few movies from him: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Blade, Star Trek XI, Casino Royale, Fallen, Maxtrix 2 & 3, District 9, Top Gun & The Prestige. Good loot eh? He has an amazing collection that he keeps on several DVDs and on his drives and once in a while we exchange stuff. I gave him V the original series, V the new rebooted one (4 episodes), Stargate Universe (first 10 episodes), season 1 of Star Trek TOS and season 7 of Voyager. We had coffee and chatted about this and that and by 1pm I had to leave to join a couple of friends for some drinks and lunch.

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