Out Of The Icebox Into The Frying Pan

What a day! Oh man, does it always happen that the day after you come back from a few days vacation has to be a killer? I’m so tired mentally & physically after just one day that I need another holiday.

Let me wind up the day for you – I reached the office at 10 am, said ‘hello’ to my team and my colleagues. In 20 minutes I logged in to my system and became terrified as the mails kept pouring in. 200 in all I think, plus another 50 as the day progressed. Sorting out through them and replying to a few took most of my morning.

No soon had we settled for lunch, when my counterpart in Quality & I were pulled in for an HOD meeting. An hour later, meeting done, I sat with the Ops manager and told me what was in store for us and also told him that whatever support he had promised me before I went on leave did not materialize as of yet. He needs to put more pressure on operations. 30 minutes later, I went in with the Quality lead & the center head for a dry run of a conference call presentation, which was to be at 6 pm.

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At 4:30 pm, I met with my team and informed them about the workshop that we were all to attend on Wednesday. I also gathered some points & obersvations from them during the last 1 week. At 5 I had a long call with the training manager of our client. At 5:45 pm I went to drink some water and get ready for the conference call/presentation. That went on till 7:15.

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I prepared some email replied for points discussed on the call and sent them. At little after 8 pm I left the place had a quick dinner as I was extremely hungry and got home at 10 past 9 pm. Tired and bummed out!

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