Pace Oddity : Slowing And/Or Speeding Things Up

If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

Slowing down things that usually zooms by:  :D Sex! No, well actually yeah. I would want to slow down the pleasurable things so that they would last much, much longer. Orgasms anyone? Imagine a mind-blowing orgasm that lasts for 2 hours! Ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. LOL! I know I have a dirty mind but yeah why the heck not. So yes, all the pleasurable things in life be it as simple as a great drink or some awesome food, great music or movie, television shows, hanging out with friend, holidays, parties, time in a spa, sleep when you are really tired, good feelings, kissing and sex! All of the the good things and even life in general. As in the lifespan of everyone and your pets. We could live longer and have more fun and enjoyment and good times.

Speeding up things that normally drags on: all the negative things and the boring stuff. Exams, lectures, long travel in buses, trains and cars. The wait for your friends and or relatives to arrive. The wait for your favourite sporting events, movie releases and or tv show releases. Labour, pregnancies, birth, operation, painful procedures, distasteful and non-pleasant procedures, waiting at the hospitals, waiting for your wife to get ready ( :D ) and all other things that could take a long time.

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