Package Containing 3 Star Trek Starships

So, after a gap of 20 plus days the box is finally here. Using $50 that I earned doing some paid blogging for a client, I purchased 3 more Star Trek starships from the Official Star Trek Collection done by Eaglemoss. After spending over 10 days in Indian customs and the post office, yesterday I finally got a receipt from the local postman saying that the package was at the post office but I had to pay Rs.463 as duty tax against it.

Since he came to inform me this just as I was eating lunch and then had to get ready to go for the office, I didn’t go yesterday but went this morning as soon as the post office opened. I went in and paid for the package and took the box back home. Although there was some confusion for them as I had said “parcel” which is a different service and this one had come via Indian Speedpost.

So my name and address cleared the confusion and I was handed over the package and I came back home for an unboxing and taking photos and a video. My internet is a bit slow and hence I can’t upload the video, as it is quite large in size, at the moment. So I will do follow up posts in the coming days.

2 thoughts on “Package Containing 3 Star Trek Starships

  1. 463 bucks duty for 50$ (2500) bucks stuff.. Gosh!
    Prolly duty wouldn’t have been levied if they were shipped individually …
    Anyways enjoy your new toys ;-)

  2. Yeah the first one I bought was an individual one and I didn’t have to pay no duty tax on that one. And they brought it to my apartment as well.

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