Packing My Bags Again

So I am packing my bags yet again but this time it’s not to another city or state. It’s just a few minutes away from here. Our building is having it’s elevator replaced, the only one we have in this stupid building. And hence people like me and my folks who live on the 7th floor are gonna have it tough. We won’t get our stuff delivered, mail man, vegetable delivery guy, our maid etc will not come on up the 7 set of stairs to our apartment. Which is difficult. And it will take almost 3 weeks to get the work done. The work will start on Monday.

Therefore my parents and I will be temporarily moving to the apartment, which is in my dad’s name, but where my sister and her family live. I stated a few days ago that my brother in laws father passed away. Well he and his wife used to live in their own apartment in the same building as my sister & brother in law and their 3 kids plus Barfi the dog. Hence the kids will go and stay with my brother in law’s mother in that apartment while I and mom & dad will move in for 3 weeks to theirs. All of us will be split across these two apartments in the same building and 6 bedrooms. I am not looking forward to it.

Anyways what can ya do? I could stay back but it’s going to be tough. We will be moving there on Sunday. Tomorrow I am going to go and buy either a MTS India or TataDocomo USB dongle for high speed internet. And by Sunday morning I gotta get all my stuff packed and ready.

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