Pain In The…..Back

My back is killing me. I have a bad backache for the past 2 days and it is killer. It doesn’t help that because of the way my computer table is built, I can’t sit back in my stupid chair and type because of the distance that I would have to spread my arms towards the keyboards of the laptop. So I end up sitting at an angle and without my support for my back, it is usually at an arch. This must be the reason that I have a back ache.

I really need a new chair for my computer and a new table too. A proper table so that this is not an issue anymore. And oh I think this next fact too is hurting my back – I’ve been sleeping with two pillows under my head. One normal sized one and a smaller or thinner sized one. This might be good for propping one’s head while watching a video on your laptop but probably not good for your neck and back. So yeah that could be the fact. But atleast at the new office I have proper flexible chairs and a proper height table on which to keep my computer. And it felt very good to be able to push back on the chair with your back and the chair flexes along with the move.

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