Pain, Spray, Coffee + Sandwich

It’s been so long since I went out to have a little me time. Things haven’t so good for me from October and financially things haven’t been the same. Hence no going out, no drinking and no dinners out. It’s been dull and boring but I have stuck by my situation and stayed in most days. Ofcourse going to the corner stores & grocery stores from some necessities have been going on but that’s it. But not this evening; this evening I needed to go out for atleast an hour and give myself a break. No matter if it was a simple evening out  but I just needed to get away.

So yeah I went out this evening to Marine drive, took some money out of the ATM and went to Coffee Beanz and ordered a nice thick choco crunch cold coffee and a grilled tuna melt sandwich. Hmmm I had almost forgotten how good a grilled tuna sandwich tastes. That hit the spot as did the cold coffee. I stayed there for a bit enjoying the cold cafe with their airconditioning cranked all the way up. I sipped my coffee and ate my sandwich and enjoyed the sights that I could see from the glass doors. I left soon after to buy some medicines and then hailed an auto to get back to my home. I stopped by the corner store to buy batteries for my wireless mouse, some cutlets for the folks, a bulb and shampoo for myself.

All was not quite and nice though. On my way over while I was walking along the pavement, someone swung the door of a car parked next to hit quite rashly and in an effort to move away quickly, moved to my left – and banged my left arm & shoulder against a post! It hurt a bit but I thought it was going to be ok. However once I came back home and took my shirt off and my arm hurt! It wasn’t swelling or anything but did hurt, although not too bad. There’s a muscle sprain pain reliever called Violini and I sprayed it liberally over my arm and shoulder and boy does it sting & burn! That means it’s working right?

2 thoughts on “Pain, Spray, Coffee + Sandwich

  1. Sorry to hear about your arm. That sounds painful.
    I know what you mean about no ‘me’ time. It’s been ages since I treated myself.
    Hope your arm is feeling better!

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