Paint It Black – Just Like Your Heart

Sri Ram Sena – one of those holier than thou political parties – had attacked girls in a Mangalore pub last year to prevent them from entering it. The reason was that they felt that women frequenting pubs were completely against Indian culture. They were against the ‘Westernization’ of India. If I am not mistaken, this was also the same people who attacked a couple of parties/dances held by a call center in Mangalore, because there were girls presents along with the men.

Ram Sena chief Pranod Mutalik was taking part in a debate, organized by a local cable channel, held in the Bangalore Town Hall yesterday and talking strongly against the culture of ‘Valentine’s Day’, which is on this Sunday. Mutalik was warning the public saying that he would forcibly marry off any couple found together on February 14! First of all, who are these bastards? And how can they force people to do something against their will?

Well, Mutalik got attacked by members of the Youth Congress a few seconds after his verbal attack. Two youths stormed the stage and blacked his face – by painting his ugly mug with black ink! Son of a bitch got what he deserved.

The police say that the channel should have asked for protection. 6 men were arrested, the Sena activists started going on the rampage attacking Congress offices in Karnataka. And Mutalik had the nerve to say that the incident was, get this, an attack on….democracy! Democracy – hell bitch, you don’t know the meaning of the word.

2 thoughts on “Paint It Black – Just Like Your Heart”

  1. While I am not normally one to condone violence, I think that the guy got off lightly. People or should I say sub human species such as this usually go on the rampage due to a overwhelming feeling of insecurity. He doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to ask a girl out, so he and his “we’re not gay but I can’t stop thinking about my buddy’s butt” brigade go out and stop young couples from just being together on Valentine’s Day.
    People like that make me sick.
    Ask him to spell democracy, and once he gets to demok you can tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  2. Well said Manoj. I wonder why India has progressed so much but also allows these bastards to keep us partially in the Dark Ages as well.

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