My apartment building is getting cleaned & painted and that is a good thing. Our smallish 7 storey building, other than being dwarfed by the 10 storey apartment (by a bigger & more lavish construction) building opposite it, was also looking like the ugly sister. The teal & while gorgeous building opposite mine is the pride of it’s dwellers and the envy of people who live here and me in particular. It is just so much more spacious and cleaner looking and it is newer than this one. You always see small kids playing on the side of it in a small playground sort of thing that they have. We don’t have that, although I do appreciate the quietness of my building.

There are even newer apartments being constructed near us and it is making us really miserable just to look at it. The only consolation is that we aren’t the ugliest building on this residential road; that honour falls on an almost empty complex that looks ready to be demolished.

So the cleaning and the painting is a much welcome push in the right direction. Only thing is I hate the invasion in privacy. Wherever I look – out the balcony or the window – I can see ropes & ladders and men painting and shouting at each other! They r so loud and obnoxious. When I go to shit I can here them. When I shave or take a bath I can hear them. When I watch tv or read or have my breakfast & coffee, I can usually see a couple of them hanging onto ropes nearby. And sometimes these buggers start singing songs. We just had to endure many weeks of carpenters and painters in our apartment during the building of the cupboards & shelfs & the kitchen stuff. Hardly a few days went by when this thing started. I can’t wait for it to get over.
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Song for the day – “Roughest Neck Around” – CORB LUND

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