Paper or Digital?

For a guy who, atleast during the ages of 14 to 20, loved the idea of keeping as physical diary with something like 2 or 3 entries per week if not a daily, log of things I did, ideas, opinions etc and written by a pen, I couldn’t do that anymore. I would give up the idea of a log / diary altogether and that is because the art of writing on paper with a pen/pencil is dying. It’s not completely gone but it is a dying practice and well, I think it should die out soon. Keeping notes on paper is ridiculous in this day & age and I hope it does go out the window soon.

Electronic devices are the way to go and I know that soon people will be blogging using just their voice and the computers will pick it up and save it as text or straight as voice, as the user demands it. I prefer typing on my laptop or a desktop and on my BlackBerry and if I can ever afford a pad then on that as well. For now I avoid writing on paper and it shows – whenever I have to write for more than a couple of minutes, my fingers & my hand aches. They are not used to writing for long period of time anymore.

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3 thoughts on “Paper or Digital?

  1. I used to keep journals too. And I used to write every single night, until I started blogging in 2006. Now, my handwriting is so terrible because I am so used to typing, I can’t even read my own words!

  2. I love all my digital devices but will they keep my thoughts for all in the future?

    I have a big pile of my Dad’s diaries.. I can’t imagine having this if it had been digital!

  3. LB – look at it this way; on blogger & wordpress it could last a lot longer than it is on paper. Plus you choose what you want to share with the world and keep the rest safe. But yeah I do treasure my old journals.

    Meleah – My handwriting, which was never great to begin with, is not so bad that I could be mistaken for a doctor!

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