Paranormal Activity

I’ve known that I wanna watch this movie the first time I read about the subject matter. My interest was even more piqued when I came to know that Paranormal Activity was rated to be  quite scary and gained my admiration when I came to find out that although made on a budget of $15,000, this Orel Peli directed film has made over $192 million worldwide! That is an amazing statistic.

A few points about this movie: I don’t think any Hollywood ace director used to making big budget box office smashes could have done a better job. Trust me on this; it’s a bang up job with a shoe string budget. Choosing the right cast is extremely critical as they are trying to sell it (atleast initially) that this is actual home video footage of & by a real live young couple! That being said, both Katie Featherston & Micah Sloat are wonderfully fresh, authentic and talented to have pulled it off. Well done guys!

From the grainy, bad colour film footage at night to the ouija board that moves on it’s own and then catches on fire – this movie does it all. The ominous moving of plants in the closed living room, the movement of the door and then it getting slammed – fantastic. Katie awakens in the middle of the night to spend several hours standing by the bed staring at Micah while he sleeps – how many of you wouldn’t get a scare to open your eyes and see someone staring at you, even if that someone is your loving partner?

The ending is also very good and effective in scaring the beejesus outta you and you family tree! Scary looking masks, heavy duty monster make  up and special effects are laughed at by this movie. By the end you are stunned, scared and concerned. And begging for more. Gotta watch this one! 8 outta 10!

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