Party Animal? Not This Year Dude!

I’m back at home now. Back in the apartment. The issue that I mentioned in the previous post – seems like that will be taken care off but I am not in a great mood. I had  few talks on it and I am convinced that I & the team can handle it. But that bitter taste will just not leave and it has effectively ruined my mood for celebrating the new year’s.

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I preferred to be alone. After the working day was done (I was quite relaxed during the afternoon hours) and I had my year end meeting with my team (minus 2 who couldn’t attend today), I was ready to leave. I left and took a bus and walked to the bar. I had some vodka in quick succession and had a fried quill (kada fry in the local lingo). I must say that it’s quite delicious but the portion is too small. Well that’s because the damn bird is too small. But what a delicious bird.

I was there for just 45 minutes or so, then I went to a small hotel and asked them for dinner to go. I’m having fried rice & chilly beef. I also bought some chocolate to eat at exactly 12:00 am (couldn’t get any tasty cake at this late a time) and took an auto back home. Drinking vodka that quickly went to my head and made me feel drunk very quickly but it lasted for just about 30 minutes. I came home and plonked on the sofa, had some chocolate and watched tv for a bit. It was only 9:15 pm! Some party animal I am!

But I had wanted it this way since I wasn’t in any mood to party with my cousins or my friends and made up some excuse not to be anywhere but home alone. And it’s fine – home by myself, with some music playing and some food. It could be much worse. So I’m going to eat my dinner now as it’s 10:15 pm and I’m feeling hungry again.

4 thoughts on “Party Animal? Not This Year Dude!

  1. Partying is over-rated IMHO. :) I had a quiet one too…as I always do. Only difference was I was by myself too this time having gotten back from a holiday and my roommates being too tired to stay up.

    Happy New Year and I hope 2009 is a good one for you..

  2. I made plans to go out, but I didn’t. Had a friend come over for a bit, drank 2 glasses of wine. She left, and I made a snow angel. I am still up though, and it’s after 3 am. Bed soon, Polar Bear Swim tomorrow. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year ladies. I thought that I’d be very lonely since I wasn’t with friends or family but I was pretty ok by myself.

    Look out 2009!

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