dirty sanchez the movie movie download The first time I became aware of the name/word ‘Passchendaele’ was when I bought a copy of the Iron Maiden album Dance Of Death. I then researched a bit about the Third Battle of Ypres, as the Battle of Passchendaele is also refrenced as. The movie Passchendaele download the darjeeling limited is in parts an old fashioned love story & a war movie at the same time. Paul Gross directed, wrote & starred as the lead character Michael Dunne, based in part on the experiences of his late grandfather, a Canadian soldier who fought in the same battle.

The film opened at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 4, 2008 and was released in Canada on October 17, 2008. Now, I normally avoid war movies unless the focus of the movie is also something else, in this case the love that Dunne has for the nurse who took care of him after he was injured in the war.

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Paul Gross plays a disillusioned soldier, who is haunted by the image of the German boy-soldier that he had to kill. Recovering after the war in Calgary, Canada, he meets his nurse Sarah Mann, who is shunned by the citizens because of her German background. As their relationship starts to grow (Dunne even helps her recover from morphine addiction), Sarsh’s lovestruck younger brother enlists for the war to prove his worthiness to his lover’s father.

Upset that her asthmatic & weak brother is about to get himself killed, she turns on Dunne thinking that he signed her brother on for the war. Dunne enlists back in the war and promises Sarah, as written in a letter, that he will protect her brother. Sarah later realizes that it wasn’t Michael’s fault and rejoins the army as a nurse and gets herself posted in France. In a gruesome war scene the soldiers attack their German enemies in muddy & wet grounds. I found the war scenes to be more realistic then anything I have ever seen. And remember this was World War 1.

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In a rush of blood, Sarah’s brother rushes the enemy and is captured but a cannon blasts his position and he is stuck on a vertical post. Injured & bleeding, Dunne goes and brings him back. In a rare show of courtesy, the German commander doesn’t shoot at Dunne or the soldier as it is a rescue attempt for a lone injured man. Dunne lifts the post on his back and drags the soldier back to his men but dies later of his wounds, as Sarah cries and hugs him.

The film ends as Sarah, her brother (in a wheelchair), his lover and Dunne’s friend visit Dunne’s grave back in Calgary and place flowers on it. The movie starrs Paul Gross, Caroline Dhavernas & Gil Bellows.

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