Pause & Experience

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Simple, I would want to get off here and go and live in Canada. What is this poutine you speak so highly off? A double double from Tim Hortons? Why is he giving us coffee? Maple syrup shacks? Sure. Donairs? Hockey on ice! A touque, a chesterfield and milk in bags? Coffee Crisp? Nainamo bars? Beeeeeerrsss!

Lol, no I like the country, I like their towns and cities and I like their musical bands and tv shows and I would love to live in Canada. My hope is that before I die, I get a chance to go and see Canada for a month or two if possible. Any others places? Sure lots of them.

Parts of the US – especially Seattle and San Francisco. Spain, Italy, Germany, Australis, England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales (yes all different), Belgium, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Portugal and some cities in places like Latvia and Lithuania and Ukraine.

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