Paying The Price For Beer

I left work at around 7:30pm last night and got a lift uptil Kaloor, which was nice and saved me sometime. It was while I was standing in the Kaloor bus stand that I started feeling hungry and in particular was hungry for nice fried chicken. I got into a bus headed for Menaka and decided to go to Velocity bar for some food and some beer.

Oh a side comment, the jackass bus conductor was a rude idiot. I handed him a 10 rupee note for my fare from Kaloor till High court, which would come to Rs.4. He pushed the money back into my hand roughly and said “don’t you have Rs.4 in change with you?” I was a bit annoyed and gave him a stern, “if I had it, I would give it to you”. He looked like he was dreading the fact of taking the exact change of Rs.6 from his open bag, like it was a huge chore. He then took the Rs.10 back from me and handed me the change. I was angry for a little while, but by the time I got a seat I was just interested in thinking about food and beer.

I got down at the High Court junction and went to an ATM for some cash and then went to the bar. My usual booth, right up front of the tv was free and I sat my self down and set my bag to the side. I ordered two Tuborg beers and some chicken and settled in my seat with my feet up and relaxed. The beers were good but not as chilled as I would like them and the chicken was not done as well as the last time I was there. About 10 days or so ago, I was there with Anil and the chicken 65 was great – excellently prepared and delicious to taste. However last night they had an off night. Anyway, I spent a good 2 hours in there, watching Tamil songs on the large screen tv – the kind where these hot women, dance & shake their moneymakers like their lives depended on it.

Now – unfortunately, I am paying the price for drinking cold beers the day right after a cold. My throat is sore and I’m finding it difficult to swallow. Sheesh – its many cups of hot black coffee for me today!

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